Bang Comp

This compressor is specially designed for adjusting snare drums.
You can easily get intense punch and sustain.

Bang Comp

Operating Environment
Windows 64 bit VST3 *Not available in 32 bit or VST2 environment.
Installed space: 5 MB

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*Please note that with the current version, the DAW bypass switch may not work on some DAWs. It is possible to bypass all effects by turning off the Power button.

How to use it.

The balance between Input and Compression adjusts how the comp is applied.
Compression changes the overall Threshold, Ratio, and Knee, so shoving Input and turning up Compression will change the sound of your sound, versus shoving Input down and turning up Compression.

Bang Comp has a built-in limiter.
Drive increases the level of input to the limiter, while at the same time adding some saturation.
If the attack is too aggressive, turning up Drive will round out the attack and at the same time enhance the sustain.

You can adjust the balance between Dry and Wet for parallel compression.
Bang Comp has a powerful effect, so the default setting is 50:50, which is a good place to start.

Since each parameter is adjusted to match the snare drum, it’s not ideal for playing clean on anything other than a snare drum, but if you’re into it, it’s a great sound with a lot of presence.


●Ver. 22/05/15
・Optimized internal processing.

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